You belong here

Are you in search of a luxurious, tranquil unique peaceful house that will let you discover Skiathos natural heritage and make you feel at home? Feel the warm breeze of the Aegean Sea and the “taste” of Skiathos greenery during every visit. A house in Skiathos will refule your mind and body with new power.

We can make it happen

My Skiathos Villas provides a full Real Estate Brokerage service that has successfully facilitated numerous closings in less than 4 years. We pride ourselves in being ready to provide you with the best customer service. We represent buyers and sellers, providing each with in depth knowledge of the real estate market in Skiathos, so that they may have the necessary facts and overall view vital in making the correct financial decision to purchase, construct, renovate or sell their property.

Property Construction Services

Whether serving as an architect, general contractor or construction manager, My Skiathos Villas offers full-service construction capabilities through all phases of development.

Property Renovation Services

What drives us it the belief that homes are more than just a place to live, homes are a living, breathing companion in the lives of any owner. Our goal is to renovate and maintain our customers’ homes to enhance and increase their quality of life in it.

Properties For Sale

Find a property for sale in Skiathos. Browse for houses and suites with the “For Sale” badge in “THE VILLAS” page.

House Maintenance and Inspection Services

With contractors who are the best in their category, My Skiathos Villas provides clients with quality maintenance and inspection services that can be trusted. We understand how highly owners value their property and make sure to show their homes the same amount of care they would themselves.