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You can now book your Villa or other carefully selected accommodation proposal from, offering a wide range of accommodation including luxury villas and suites, private villa accommodation with pool, special options within holiday resorts and their exclusive range. Enjoy a guaranteed quality when you book your villa and services together.

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We reimagined luxury

Our perfect villa locations allow you to choose to take care of yourself or experience the services we have to offer. My Skiathos Villas accommodation are self-contained and fully equipped so you can enjoy all the comforts of a luxurious home.

Sleep soundly in the luxurious beds and well-appointed bedrooms. Pamper yourself with the selection of delightful Services. Wake refreshed, ready to tackle a new experience of holiday, or do nothing at all and just relax.

Special Services

The villa specialists “My Skiathos Villas” markets both accommodation and services for travelers worldwide and is one of the most successful private villa rental services in skiathos, with a complete range of services.


Have a quick look of the villas available and the uniquely beautiful island of Skiathos.